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Training Center Overview

SASO is a scientific reference specialized in issuing standards, granting quality certificates and examining product samples, within a scientific environment that is based on professionalism and transparency. Emerging from its strong belief in giving the opportunity to all those wishing to take advantage of the services related to its specialized technical field of work, SASO has established a training center that transfers knowledge according to the latest scientific methods to all beneficiaries, inside and outside SASO. The center also offers development activities and training services that are based on scientific grounds and presented by the best experts and trained specialists, carrying out the center's mission that focuses on "spreading and developing the concept of standardization and quality through distinctive programs for beneficiaries.

Center Services


Training workshops for a group of subscribers based on the collaborative interaction and brainstorming

Training Courses

Where courses are providing new skills and knowledge of the trainee for the purpose of self-development and upgrading


Forum features a large number of participants organize to discuss a particular topic


Cultural gathering under a specific topic called to specialists and provide research and working papers

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